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Hydraulic development of high speed pump-turbines by the inverse design method

30 August 2018

In recent years an increased interest in pump-turbines has been recognized in the market. The rapid availability of pumped storage schemes and the...

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Come and see us present our paper at the IAHR 2018 Kyoto

22 August 2018

Advanced Design Technology is pleased to announce that we will be presenting our paper on 'Optimisation of a pump-as-turbine runner using a 3D...

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Design of a double-suction fan stage to improve efficiency by up to 4 points

15 August 2018

Our client is one of the leading turbomachinery manufacturers. In this project, they asked ADT to perform a complete stage analysis of a double...

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Optimize axial fan design using Inverse Design

07 August 2018

Axial fans are widely used in the formation of air transport systems because of its simple structure. Its applicable areas include HVAC, vehicles,...

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Design Optimization of Fans Workshop

01 August 2018

1 Day Workshop Optimising Fan Design Performance using 3D Inverse Design

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Design optimization to improve axial turbine stage efficiency by 6%

25 July 2018

One of the leading manufacturers of turbodrills for the oil and gas drilling industry asked ADT to carry out the complete redesign of their...

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Performance Optimization of a Fan Stage using the 3D Inverse Design Method

17 July 2018

Webinar: Performance Optimization of a Fan Stage using the 3D Inverse Design Method

Playback the fan stage webinar

In this...

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Everything you need to know about pump blade design optimization

12 July 2018


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How to design fans to reduce manufacturing costs and increase efficiency

28 June 2018

Ebm-Papst Mulfingen was founded in 1963 and started with the external-rotor motor which was rediscovered as an ideal drive for small fans. As the...

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Carver Pump cuts design time, increases design efficiency and product line using 3D Inverse Design

19 June 2018

Carver Pump has been one of the world’s leading centrifugal pump manufactures companies since 1938, building pumps to the most demanding...

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We provide software and services for the design and optimization of turbomachinery, based on our unique 3D Inverse Design technology. Our tools and services help customers achieve innovative “breakthrough” designs, delivering market leading solutions at dramatically reduced development costs.

ADT, headquartered in London, UK, was established in 1999 as a joint venture between University College London and The Ebara Research Co Limited of Japan. We are considered as one of the leading global turbomachinery design software providers, with our TURBOdesign Suite tool set in use across a very wide range of applications and sectors. 

Our design consultancy services deliver cutting-edge solutions to our global customers. Whether the task involves a complete solution, from concept to final design for manufacturing, or is facing challenging multi-point / multi-objective design optimization, we work closely with our customers and support them throughout the entire design process.

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