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ADT May Newsletter Update

Welcome to our May update, where you can see what ADT has been up to and read our paper of the month, which looks at pump-as-turbine optimization...

Optimizing Volute Design in a Centrifugal Compressor for Industrial Cooling

Johnson Controls, a global manufacturer of heating and cooling products, uses TURBOdesign Volute to design and optimize the volute in some of...

New Features in TURBOdesign Volute in Version 6.2

written by Mehrdad Zangeneh

Volutes have a major effect on the performance of radial compressor, pumps, and turbines. They can affect the stage...

A closer look at the impact of optimization of ducts, intakes, exhausts and volutes on reduction of aerodynamic noise and vibration in fans and blowers.

Aerodynamic noise is a rising source of concern for fans and blowers manufacturers across all industries, but particularly so in domestic...

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