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Turbomachinery in Refrigeration this World Refrigeration Day

ADT is proud to support World Refrigeration Day, Friday 26th June 2020. For many years we've been involved in turbomachinery design for cooling...

Designing Optimal Fans Using TURBOdesign1 at Ebm-Papst

ebm-papst, global market leader in producing high quality fans and motors, used a 3D Inverse Design method to design their range of optimal fans...

ADT April Newsletter Update

Our April update looks at an upcoming 'Technology Day' event packed with turbomachinery expertise, reveals our latest paper of the month and...

ADT March Newsletter Update

Here at ADT we want to keep you updated with all our latest news and projects. This month we're looking at our most recent work as well as...

Using TURBOdesign Suite to Design and Optimize a Blower System

ARC'TERYX, the Vancouver-based outdoor clothing and sporting good manufacturers, used Advanced Design Technology's expertise to design their...

Design of a double-suction fan stage to improve efficiency by up to 4 points

Our client is one of the leading turbomachinery manufacturers. In this project, they asked ADT to perform a complete stage analysis of a double...

Design Optimization of Fans Workshop

1 Day Workshop Optimising Fan Design Performance using 3D Inverse Design

Performance Optimization of a Fan Stage using the 3D Inverse Design Method

Webinar: Performance Optimization of a Fan Stage using the 3D Inverse Design Method

Playback the fan stage webinar

In this...

How to design fans to reduce manufacturing costs and increase efficiency

Ebm-Papst Mulfingen was founded in 1963 and started with the external-rotor motor which was rediscovered as an ideal drive for small fans. As the...

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