ADT Update: September 2020

In this September update we'll take a look at some of recent news and updates from ADT. Discover how an inverse approach overcomes complex design challenges and creates environmentally friendly designs.


A Multidisciplinary Optimization on the Radial and Mixed-Inflow Turbines for Turbochargers

September's paper of the month looks at using 3D Inverse Design to perform an optimization of turbines to meet multiple design objectives. There are significant shortcomings when using conventional design methods to perform complex, multi-objective optimizations. This paper discusses how an inverse design approach can overcome these challenges, giving designers the ability to control the design parameters and see how sensitive they are to the overall performance.

The paper goes through a methodology for designing radial and mixed-inflow turbines to meet multiple aerodynamic and mechanical requirements, as well as exploring the different design and performance parameters.


Ebara Corporation incorporates TURBOdesign1 into their Manufacturing System for Hydraulic Parts

Ebara Corporation incorporated TURBOdesign1 into their manufacturing process for hydraulic parts, with a focus on cutting design and development time as well as making them more environmentally friendly.




This case study discusses Ebara's design and manufacturing process and how TURBOdesign1 was incorporated as part of the system. It looks at the different stages of the process and how using this method enabled them to significantly cut the lead time.


Aerodynamic Design of a Centrifugal Compressor Stage

For this project, ADT engineers were asked to carry out the complete redesign of all the components of a compressor stage, including an impeller, vaneless diffuser and outlet volute.

This design used preliminary meanline design along with an inverse design approach to achieve the target pressure ratio at the design mass flow and obtain good compressor impeller efficiency.

This summary of the work looks at how our engineers met the design targets on pressure ratio, efficiency and overall mechanical performance.


TURBOdesign Suite 2020

On our blog you can learn about the evolution of the new TURBOdesign Suite 2020 interface and why we've chosen to build a new system from the ground up, as well as see how TDS 2020 allows designers to quickly evaluate designs, thanks to real-time feedback provided by the GUI.


Webinar post Linkedin post


In our introductory webinar to show off the new features and functionalities of TUROdesign Suite 2020 we explored the powerful new features and showed it in action on the design of a centrifugal pump and axial fan.


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