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Performing Multi-Objective Pump Optimizations with 3D Inverse Design

At ADT we deal with many complex turbomachinery optimizations. Here, we discuss multi-objective pump optimizations using the 3D Inverse Design...

Hydrodynamic Design of a Multi-Stage Pump

ADT engineers carried out the detailed design of a multi-stage submersible mixed-flow pump for oil and gas applications.

ALPHEUS: Augmenting Grid Stability Through Low Head Pumped Hydro Energy Utilization and Storage

ALPHEUS is a 5m project funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020 program. In this post we explain the aims of ALPHEUS and each of the...

ADT to Lead Blade Design for Pumped Hydropower Storage Project

ADT is part of the ALPHEUS project, funded by the EU's Horizon 2020 programme. Our role is going to be the blade design and optimization of two...

Optimization of a Pump-as-Turbine Runner

At ADT we deal with many complex turbomachinery optimizations. In that vein, we discussed trade-offs in pump-as-turbine runners for the December...

ADT to Present Pump Optimization and Cavitation Control at AJKFluids 2019

ADT are proud to be a silver sponsor of the ASME AJKFluids Conference 2019, where we'll be presenting papers on centrifugal pumps and the effect...

Creating Optimum Waterjet Pump Designs with 3D Inverse Design

Welcome to our July update, where we take a look at our latest paper of the month on waterjet pump design, the upcoming AJK conference and our...

Designing a Radial-inflow Turbine for Organic Rankine Cycle

ADT engineers designed a radial-inflow turbine for organic rankine cycle for a leading energy manufacturer. 

ADT April Newsletter Update

Our April update looks at an upcoming 'Technology Day' event packed with turbomachinery expertise, reveals our latest paper of the month and...

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