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Inverse Design of Aeronautical Turbines in Avio S.p.A Design Process

When Avio S.p.A launched an internal review, it lead to a powerful revamp of the whole aero turbines design process, methodology and tools quality.

How Daikin Industries Improved HVAC Fan Efficiencies Using TURBOdesign1?

Utilizing extensive air conditioning technology cultivated since developing Japanโ€™s first air conditioner in 1951, Daikin Industries (Daikin)...

Design of a Refrigeration Compressor Stage in R134

For this project, ADT engineers were asked to design the compressor stage using the refrigerant R134a for a cooling system.

Design of a Cooling Fan

The client, a world leading manufacturer of air and pressure cleaning systems, asked ADT to design a cooling fan within a very short time frame for...

Playback Webinar: Automatic Optimization of Waste Water Pumps by 3D Inverse Design Method

The demand to reduce the amount of waste water is having considerable impact on design of waste water pumps as the solid content is increased in...

How to Perform a Multi-Objective Design Optimization on Mixed-Flow Pumps?

High specific speed mixed-flow pumps, which are widely used at drainage pumping stations or power plants, often have performance curve instability...

Online Event: Technology Day CASCON CFD Turbomachinery with ADT, CAFDEM & iSimQ

You're invited to a free online event on Wednesday, May 19 from 10:30 am โ€“ 12:00 pm to know more on the development of different type of pumps and...

How to Improve Efficiency in a Turbocharger Centrifugal Compressor?

TURBOdesign Suite has many success stories with companies designing highly optimized centrifugal compressors with increased efficiency. Cummins Turbo...

Playback Webinar: Integrated Design Workflow for Hydrogen Compressor and Pump using TURBOdesign Suite and Ansys

You're invited to playback ADT & Ansys' webinar on the workflow integration to design hydrogen compressor and pump using TURBOdesign Suite and Ansys...

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