How Daikin Industries Improved HVAC Fan Efficiencies Using TURBOdesign1?

Utilizing extensive air conditioning technology cultivated since developing Japan’s first air conditioner in 1951, Daikin Industries (Daikin) continues to provide air conditioners, systems, and solution services offering even greater comfort to its global customers. At the same time, Daikin is actively involved in confronting global environmental problems as part of its corporate responsibility as a leading global manufacturer of air conditioning equipment.

For these reasons, when it came time to develop an innovative fan design for a new line of air conditioning units, Daikin engineers set out to use the latest, most capable technology to develop even more efficient systems. They wanted to employ three-dimensional (3D) inverse design technology rather than using standard computer aided design (CAD) software. They used the 3D inverse design technology of the TURBOdesign Suite by Advanced Design Technology of London.




“We wanted to improve air conditioning fan efficiency and did it by using TURBOdesign1,” said Toru Iwata, Researcher, Daikin Industries, Environmental Technology Laboratory. “As there were some examples of improved efficiency for our turbo compressors, we expected this software would also work for fans.”

According to Iwata, Daikin achieved up to an eight-point efficiency improvement on its newly designed air conditioning fan compared to the previous design.


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Mehrdad Zangeneh

Mehrdad Zangeneh is Founder and Managing Director of Advanced Design Technology and professor of Thermofluids at University College London.

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