Design of a Cooling Fan

The client, a world leading manufacturer of air and pressure cleaning systems, asked ADT to design a cooling fan within a very short time frame for an on-going project. The client provided the desired pressure rise, flow rate and design geometrical constraints.


Design Targets

To optimize aerodynamic efficiency, as well as achieve desired flow rate and pressure rise as well as desired air velocity on the cooling fins.



Impeller geometry.



A high efficiency axial fan designed in two weeks.


Fig. 1. Velocity contours showing a uniform flow through the cooling fins.

Fig. 1. Velocity contours showing a uniform flow through the cooling fins.


TURBOdesign1 was used to design the fan impeller. At the client request, various configurations were explored, which included changes to meridional geometry, tip clearance and number of blades. In the inverse design method changes to these design parameters can be done and evaluated in a matter of minutes within the inviscid flow solution given by TURBOdesign1, hence considerably speeding up early phases of the design system.


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Mehrdad Zangeneh

Mehrdad Zangeneh is Founder and Managing Director of Advanced Design Technology and professor of Thermofluids at University College London.

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