How to perform a Multi-Objective Optimization of a Centrifugal Pump Stage?

In this consultancy summary , ADT was asked to perform a multi-objective design optimization of a pump stage. The target was to improve the impeller suction performance at design point, improve the stall performance and maximise pump head at shut-down. A design guideline was created based on sensitivity analysis for impeller design and optimised
impeller geometries for different objectives. The impact was to create a applicable design guidelines for multi-point / multi-objective design of centrifugal pumps.


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Pump Stage Configuration


Due to relatively large number of design parameters, a first degree response surface approximation was used for the DoE sensitivity analysis. This approximation is very effective to sweep the design space and to study the relationship between the design and performance parameters. These parameters were then used for a multi-objective optimisation process using a more accurate response surface model in order to determine the trade-off between contrasting design objectives. 



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Mehrdad Zangeneh

Mehrdad Zangeneh is Founder and Managing Director of Advanced Design Technology and professor of Thermofluids at University College London.

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