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Design optimization to improve axial turbine stage efficiency by 6%

One of the leading manufacturers of turbodrills for the oil and gas drilling industry asked ADT to carry out the complete redesign of their...

How to Design Fans to Reduce Manufacturing Costs and Increase Efficiency?

Ebm-Papst Mulfingen was founded in 1963 and started with the external-rotor motor which was rediscovered as an ideal drive for small fans. As the...

ADT to Unveil the Latest Version of TURBOdesign Suite at this Year's 13th International Conference on Turbochargers and Turbocharging

Advanced Design Technology (ADT), a global market leader in advanced design software for turbomachinery components will be exhibiting at the 13th...

Flow Characteristics of Pump-Turbine Runners With Large Blade Lean

Frequent changes in the operating modes pose significant challenges in the development of a pump-turbine with high efficiency and stability. In...

Theory and Process Behind the Inverse Design of Pumps

The Inverse Design process, theory and application for the pump industry.

ADT at FAN 2018

Advanced Design Technology is pleased to be a part of the International Conference on Fan noise, Aerodynamics, Applications and Systems this year...

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