Advanced Design Technology is pleased to be a part of the International Conference on Fan noise, Aerodynamics, Applications and Systems this year held in the Darmstadium in Darmstadt, Germany as the city holds the official title "City of Science" and is a major centre of scientific institutions, universities, and high-technology companies.

The conference is one of the few truly international technical forums for the Fan Industry, and the event in 2015 attracted 300 attendees from 30 countries. These events are unique in providing the opportunity to network with companies and academic institutions from across the globe. We anticipate 2018 being even bigger and better. 

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FAN 2018 includes 3 days of technical presentations (Fan applications & Systems, Fan Aerodynamics, Fan Noise), keynotes, exhibitions, social networking events and panel sessions. If you are involved in the Fan industry, this is a must attend event! 

The event takes place on the 18-20th of April, while ADT`s very own 1-Day Inverse design of Fans Workshop will be held the day before on a Tuesday 17th of April. This unique event in conjunction with FAN 2018 will bring together engineers and designers interested in the unique capabilities of 3D Inverse Design technology and its application on the design and optimization of axial, mixed-flow and centrifugal fans.

The Workshop will be a great opportunity to learn about cutting-edge TURBOdesign solutions from ADT specialists, ask questions and gain an in-depth understanding of the latest features in the software to ensure an overall knowledge and hence more effective use of our design.

The morning session will kick off with a summary of the theory behind 3D Inverse Design, then focus on its application and benefits to the design of axial, mixed-flow and centrifugal fans. These sessions will include the inverse design of volutes, and will highlight some of the techniques used to control fan losses and to control tip leakage, while the afternoon sessions will focus on optimising fan performance using TURBOdesign Optima and Star-CCM+, wrapping up with live demos of radial, axial and mixed-flow fan designs, and time for questions.


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For those attending the FAN 2018 Conference, Mehrdad Zangeneh, Professor of Thermofluids at University College London (UCL) and founder and Managing Director of ADT will present his paper on 3D Inverse Design Based Optimization of Multi-Blade Row Axial Fans Used for Distributed PropulsionThe focus of the paper is on the development and application of a new 3D viscous inverse design methodology for the design of multi-blade row fans. The unique feature of the method is the combination of a 3D viscous inverse design with a robust mixing plane approach that satisfies flux conservation and non-reflectivity, but retains the flow variation. The paper concludes by illustrating the benefits of the novel methodology applied to the design of a rotor-stator axial fan stage. This unique method and blade performance allows us to observe the significant improvement in stage efficiency. 

On the rest of the days of the conference, the ADT booth at stand 8 will welcome any visitors who wish to ask questions and know more about the technology and its applications to the fan or any other industry. Delegate bags are also sponsored by ADT to ensure attendees bring home the experience of the conference.


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