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3D Multi-Disciplinary Inverse Design Based Optimization Of A Centrifugal Compressor Impeller

The design of centrifugal compressors for variety of applications such as turbochargers, oil and gas or helicopter engines and auxiliary power units...

How JAXA, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, Designed their Rocket Engine Turbopump?

At the present time, Stepanoff’s design methodology based on empiricism using an experimental database is still widely used in pump design.

Discover the New Automatic Optimisation Set Up in TURBOdesign Suite

One of the most difficult problems in automatic optimisation is how to set the range of design parameters in optimisation, so that you can cover a...

Design of Gas Compressor and LH2Pump Stage for Hydrogen Transport

The global push for decarbonization has inevitably led the world to take a closer look at hydrogen. Hydrogen could be a good option for many sectors...

How to Optimize the Design of a Reversible Pump-Turbine Runner with High Efficiency and Stability?

Pumped hydro energy storage (PHES) is currently the only proven large-scale (>100 MW) energy storage technology. The benefits of PHES on electrical...

TURBOdesign Suite 2022R1: A Gateway to Automation in Turbomachinery Design

TURBOdesign Suite 2022R1 is a gateway to automation in Turbomachinery design with the following major enhancements.

New Features in TURBOdesign Suite 2021R1 and 2021R2

During 2021, there have been two releases of TURBOdesign Suite (2021R1 and 2021R2). One major focus of these releases were to build on new GUI...

Guide to Design a Multi-Stage Pump Inducer

The customer, one of the world’s largest pump manufacturers, asked ADT to design an inducer to fit in one of their products, a multi-stage...

Loss Generation Sources in Subsonic and Transonic Centrifugal Compressors by Entropy Production Rate

One of the most important issues in design of centrifugal compressors is to understand what is the main source loss in the impeller and how changes...

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