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How to use multi-point optimization for solving challenging modern turbomachinery design

18 October 2018

In using the conventional design approach, automatic optimization is very computationally expensive as parametrizing the blade shape in 3D...

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Hydrodynamic Design of a Turbocharger Pump and Turbine with 5 points improvement in efficiency

09 October 2018

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of customised pumps requested ADT to design a complete Turbocharger system including both pump and...

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How coupling 3D inverse design method TURBOdesign1 with ANSYS Workbench can help meet the challenging energy efficiency requirements on pumps

02 October 2018

Emissions legislation

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Turbomachinery Blade Design using 3D Inverse Design Method, CFD and Optimization Algorithm

27 September 2018

Computer technology and numerical methods have rapidly developed and complex internal flows within turbomachinery can be predicted with reasonable...

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Design Optimization of a Diffuser Pump Stage by 4 points in Efficiency

25 September 2018

In this project, the client asked ADT to perform a hydrodynamic design optimization of a strongly interacting diffuser pump stage using the...

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White paper download: Discover how 3D inverse design method supports leading pump manufacturers to meet emissions legislation

12 September 2018

The main two key drivers of the emission’s legislation regulations are the EU Ecodesign and US pump efficiency regulations. The Ecodesign rule...

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Hydraulic development of high speed pump-turbines by the inverse design method

30 August 2018

In recent years an increased interest in pump-turbines has been recognized in the market. The rapid availability of pumped storage schemes and the...

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Come and see us present our paper at the IAHR 2018 Kyoto

22 August 2018

Advanced Design Technology is pleased to announce that we will be presenting our paper on 'Optimisation of a pump-as-turbine runner using a 3D...

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Design of a double-suction fan stage to improve efficiency by up to 4 points

15 August 2018

Our client is one of the leading turbomachinery manufacturers. In this project, they asked ADT to perform a complete stage analysis of a double...

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Optimize axial fan design using Inverse Design

07 August 2018

Axial fans are widely used in the formation of air transport systems because of its simple structure. Its applicable areas include HVAC, vehicles,...

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