An Update to TURBOdesign Suite 6.7

TURBOdesign Suite June 22, 2021

Advanced Design Technology have released a patch for our TURBOdesign Suite package. The new patch includes some general fixes as well as improvements to both TURBOdesign Pre and TURBOdesign1.

This is the latest update to TURBOdesign Suite v6.7, which added many new features to improve performance and functionality. V6.7 added the ability to export to Ansys Workbench and Star-CCM+ through TURBOdesign LinkWB alongside new modules for the meanline design of axial fans and pump stages in TURBOdesign Pre.

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The v6.7 update further improved the speed of the design process, allowing users to optimize and analyse quicker than ever before, with a new blade geometry construction system providing even more robust modelling of blades.

We're continuing to offer support and adding improvements to TURBOdesign Suite ahead of v7.0 which is coming in 2019. V7.0 will see a brand new user interface to TURBOdesign1, making it simpler to use and enhancing the overall user experience. The new GUI will include a standard mode for newer users as well as extended functionality for more experienced ones to benefit from more control. You can find a much more extensive look at the new GUI for v7.0 inside the latest turbonews.

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