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TURBOdesign Suite June 18, 2021

Welcome to our April update. Despite the current situation it's still a busy time for ADT. Along with the start of the ALPHEUS project, our engineers have been hard at work on two new consultancies as well.

ALPHEUS, the project on novel hydro energy storage funded by Horizon 2020, kicked off at the start of April and we'll have more to come on this in the weeks ahead.

In this post, we're taking a look at two new consultancy projects ADT engineers have carried out over recent months. One is on a chiller compressor using new low GWP refrigerants, the other is on a submersible pump. Meanwhile, our April paper of the month is on the multi-objective automatic optimization of a low loaded axial fan.


Hydrodynamic Design of a Submersible Multi-Stage Pump

Our engineers were asked to perform the hydrodynamic design of a submersible multi-stage pump. This design was for an oil and gas application and achieved a significant improvement in system efficiency that was well above the target set by the customer, one of the world's leading manufacturers of ESP pumps.


Impeller and diffuser
ADT's engineers were tasked to carry out this design as well as a detailed analysis of the axial thrust acting on the impeller, and a multi-phase flow analysis of the gas handling capability of the machine.

This summary of the work explores the preliminary design phase, blade loading distribution for the pump impeller and the design of the leakage gaps and balancing holes. 

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Low Weight, High Speed Automotive Fan Design Paper

April's paper of the month uses a 3D Inverse Design method coupled with a multi-objective/multi-point automatic optimization method to design a low loaded axial fan.

The challenges of designing low loaded fans where there is little previous experience to build on
How engineers chose two optimization processes with different compromises

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Design of a Small 2-Stage Chiller Compressor

ADT engineers also recently carried out the design of a small, 2-stage chiller compressor using the new low GWP refrigerant R1234ZE.


Figure 2_Stage2 Blade Surface static pressure contour


This design was for one of the world's leading suppliers of HVAC industry, who required a compressor with high efficiency and a wide operating range to produce a competitive small tonnage chiller for the market.

This summary of the work looks at how TURBOdesign Suite with real gas properties was used to design and optimize the compressor. It takes a 2-stage back to back layout to achieve good performance at both on and off design conditions. It also discusses how the design targets were met, which included four rating conditions and a maximum lift condition, as well as a maximum choking capacity set with the maximum rotational speed set by the customer.

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