How Hyosung Goodsprings, Pump Leader in Korea, Designed their Mixed Flow Pump Stages?

Hyosung Goodsprings is one of leading pump makers in Korea. We have secured the leading pump maker’s position with the continuous effort over the last 45 years, and we can offer customers a one-stop solution from design to manufacture to shop test to supervisor services.

Hyosung manufactures pumps which are used in almost every industrial and oil-field application. Furthermore, we manufacture energy-saving, high-performance, fully submersible sump, sewage and drainage pumps designed for the professional engineering contractors.


fig1Fig. 1. 3D view of a mixed flow pump.


Hyosung has been using TURBOdesign1 for a number of years and in a recent project the 3D Inverse Design method was used in the design of both centrifugal and mixed flow pumps.

Paper on Multi-Objective Design Optimization of a Mixed-Flow Pump


A 3D view of the mixed flow pump is shown in Fig. 1. The pump rotates at 1,000 rpm with a flow rate of 1000m3/hr and head rise of 7m. In this example, the impeller and diffuser were designed with the TURBOdesign1 coupled with the Design of Experiment Method.

The performance of the stage was predicted by using the CFD code and experimental measurement. Eight design parameters were used for this study.

“TURBOdesign1 enabled us to achieve a significant hydraulic performance improvement in a relatively short space of time.”
By Mr Deok-Su KIM of Hyosung Goodsprings, Ungnam-Dong, Changwon-Si, Korea


To discover how Hyosung went about trying to achieve significant performance improvements in the pump, how they optimized the blade loading to design three impellers with different heads and suppressed corner separation in the diffuser, we invite you to download your free copy below. 


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Mehrdad Zangeneh

Mehrdad Zangeneh is Founder and Managing Director of Advanced Design Technology and professor of Thermofluids at University College London.

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