Performance Optimization of a Centrifugal Fan


You hear about it everywhere: design optimization. The world requires more efficient and reduced emissions products, as with the government regulations directives mandating their adherence to energy standards, such as the EU’s Ecodesign directive. The competitive pressure across the industry means that it is no longer sufficient to design and manufacture fans that work. Energy efficiency over an extended operating range has become a vital objective of design effort along with performance to suit the machine’s intended application.

Wouldn't it be great to automate your fan design optimization? You can with 3D inverse design technology.



Join us for our webinar; we will show you how a centrifugal fan/blower stage consisting of an impeller and volute can be optimized for improved stage performance using the TURBOdesign Suite:

  • TURBOdesign Pre for mean line design.
  • TURBOdesign1 for 3D blade design by using a 3D inverse design approach.
  • TURBOdesign volute for a novel volute design using a 2D inverse approach.
  • TURBOdesign 3Dlab for generation of solid models. 


The following high-level steps will be shown:

  • Performance simulation and review of a complete (i.e. impeller + volute) stage.
  • Key choice of design parameters for the impeller and volute design.
  • Control and manipulation parameters include blade loading for the impeller and specified inlet velocity distribution for the volute.
  • Performance simulation and review of the optimized design.


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