How to Design Fast and Accurate Optimized Turbocharger Impeller

Engineers are constantly under pressure to deliver high-quality performance turbomachinery. Most designers work with traditional software methods predicted by CFD codes that rely on trial and error between geometry and flow field. Having the correct enhanced tools for each project is paramount to achieve an accurate design. The key challenges an engineer faces are to achieve optimized performance, reliability, and reduced costs.




To help face these challenges, TURBOdesign empowers designers with full control of aerodynamic design to transform turbomachinery components. The 3D inverse design process enables designers to have direct control of the flow field to avoid time-consuming and costly trial-error experiments. This unique process uses fluid dynamics of 3D pressure field and mathematically derives the optimal geometry to directly generate the blade shape. Designers can generate new turbochargers and ideas in a matter of minutes to rapidly achieve optimum performance. TURBOdesign Suite allows you to work smarter and faster.

Engineers can take advantage of TURBOdesign in a wide range of applications. Our joint webinar with ANSYS shows how coupling TURBOdesign and ANSYS workbench can help empower designers to take control and transform the performance and optimization of your turbomachinery technology. We discuss and demonstrate how to design fast and accurate optimized turbocharger impellers to meet stress requirements.

Watch the webinar and learn how the integrated software enables faster and better more efficient aerodynamic design of turbocharger impellers.


This webinar will cover:

  • How turbomachinery designers can benefit from coupling of ADT and ANSYS design and simulation software.
  • Learn how the integrated software enables faster and better more efficient aerodynamic design of turbocharger impellers.
  • See how the integrated software enables execution of full automated parametric studies, response surface and direct optimization within ANSYS Workbench.

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Darshan Patel

Marketing Manager

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