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Designing and Optimizing a Turbodrill Turbine for Oil and Gas

Advanced Design Technology engineers designed a unique turbodrill turbine with high-torque at low speeds as well as a zero-torque speed option for safety.

The customer was a leading manufacturer of turbodrills for oil and gas services. The challenging requirements of high-torque with low runaway speeds meant that no conventional design would work and a unique design would need to be created.



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ADT used TURBOdesign Suite and its 3D Inverse Design method to find a solution to the contrasting demands of the work. Being able to carefully control the blade loading meant that high torque could be created without the adverse effects that would be expected from a traditional design approach.

Not only was the final design able to produce more torque at low rpm but it also managed to reduce runaway speed.

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We provide software and services for the design and optimization of turbomachinery, based on our unique 3D Inverse Design technology. Our tools and services help customers achieve innovative “breakthrough” designs, delivering market leading solutions at dramatically reduced development costs.

ADT, headquartered in London, UK, was established in 1999 as a joint venture between University College London and The Ebara Research Co Limited of Japan. We are considered as one of the leading global turbomachinery design software providers, with our TURBOdesign Suite tool set in use across a very wide range of applications and sectors. 

Our design consultancy services deliver cutting-edge solutions to our global customers. Whether the task involves a complete solution, from concept to final design for manufacturing, or is facing challenging multi-point / multi-objective design optimization, we work closely with our customers and support them throughout the entire design process.

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