Optimizing a Fuel Pump Impeller for Cavitation and Efficiency

Pumps & Hydraulic Turbines February 11, 2022

Advanced Design Technology used TURBOdesign Suite to redesign the fuel pump impeller of a major supplier to the aerospace industry.

The client was suffering from significant erosion to their existing aero-engine fuel pump impeller due to cavitation.  ADT used TURBOdesign1 to optimize the impeller to reduce cavitation while maintaining and acceptable level of efficiency and performance. 

Key elements of the redesign included fitting the impeller to the existing casing and meeting the required head at both take-off and cruise conditions.


Cavitation pattern in the original impeller


Design Target

Analysis of the existing fuel pump stage. Redesign of the pump impeller for improved suction performance.


Redesigned impeller geometry.


Optimized impeller meeting head, efficiency and cavitation behaviour at both take-off and cruise conditions.

Read the full consultancy summary by clicking the link below. Or you can learn more about practical applications of TURBOdesign Suite in our Knowledge Hub.


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