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Designing Optimal Fans Using TURBOdesign1 at Ebm-Papst

ebm-papst, global market leader in producing high quality fans and motors, used a 3D Inverse Design method to design their range of optimal fans after an extensive benchmark test of design tools.

Ebm-Papst produces  high-quality  fans  and  motors  for many  markets  such  as  heating  and  air-conditioning,  ventilation,  refrigeration, automotive, IT/telecom and drive technology.

For this project, ebm-papst wanted to make their design process faster and more efficient. To do this, they carried out an extensive benchmark test of the available turbomachinery design tools. They chose TURBOdesign Suite's 3D Inverse Design approach as the best option.

TURBOdesign1 is able to generate great accuracy without the need for time-consuming CFD calculations by giving the engineer control of the blade loading. 

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Our clients and engineers have used a 3D Inverse Design approach on a number of other fan projects as well, most notably:

Developing efficient compact fan guide vanes

Designing efficient and low cost centrifugal fans with automatic optimization

“TURBOdesign1 shaped out to be the most suitable tool for developing new fan blades, promising gain of time and better understanding of the aerodynamics”

The direct approach for designing a new impeller requires a lot of geometrical parameters. In addition, the correlation between geometrical parameters and aerodynamics is unknown in most cases. Therefore, a lot of CFD calculations or measurements have to be done until the best configuration is reached.

ADT's 3D Inverse Design method starts by identifying what you want to do to the fluid flow in terms of 3D pressure field and mathematically derives the optimal geometry to achieve that outcome. This significantly reduces the time taken for each design.

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We provide software and services for the design and optimization of turbomachinery, based on our unique 3D Inverse Design technology. Our tools and services help customers achieve innovative “breakthrough” designs, delivering market leading solutions at dramatically reduced development costs.

ADT, headquartered in London, UK, was established in 1999 as a joint venture between University College London and The Ebara Research Co Limited of Japan. We are considered as one of the leading global turbomachinery design software providers, with our TURBOdesign Suite tool set in use across a very wide range of applications and sectors. 

Our design consultancy services deliver cutting-edge solutions to our global customers. Whether the task involves a complete solution, from concept to final design for manufacturing, or is facing challenging multi-point / multi-objective design optimization, we work closely with our customers and support them throughout the entire design process.

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