Global TURBOdesign Symposium Highlights

June 18, 2021

Advanced Design Technology (ADT) hosted their Global TURBOdesign Symposium on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th November at the Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, London.



The event brought users and developers together for a series of presentations, live demos and workshops on TURBOdesign Suite and its unique 3D inverse design technology for turbomachinery. Industry-leading ADT customers, such as Ebara, Grundfos, Next Turbo, Honeywell and Valeo, attended the Symposium. Their presentations were all highly received and applauded for imparting and sharing knowledge, and for demonstrating how ADT software and services are benefitting their cutting-edge applications in sectors ranging from pumps to fans, compressors and turbines.

The Symposium workshops showcased the latest software developments, including its efficient and powerful multi-objective / multi-point optimization module as well as the integration of TURBOdesign with ANSYS Workbench and with SIEMENS PLM Star CCM+. There were also open clinics sessions on Day 2 offering delegates a chance to get advice on applications from ADT experts.

The Symposium dinner was held at the prestigious Institute of Director in Pall Mall, where delegates dined and enjoyed fine cuisine and drinks whilst networking and building relationships.

Mehrdad Zangeneh, managing director of ADT highlighted and closed the event with a keynote addressing the new release of TURBOdesign 6.4 as well as the development roadmap planned for the future of TURBOdesign Suite and the unique capabilities of the 3D inverse design.

Watch the video highlights below. 



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