3DLab and Optima to Export Geometries into Desired CFD Tools using TURBOdesign v6.4

June 22, 2021

In TURBOdesign v6.4 3DLab - A new export of geometries capability has been added to generate and partition flow domains and facilitate the preparation of the geometry for import into their desired CFD tool when running an optimization case with TURBOdesign Optima and 3DLab with either TURBOdesign LinkCCM+ or ANSYS Workbench.



TURBOdesign 3Dlab showing the new automation CFD panel.


The main application of this functionality is for use with TURBOdesign Link-CCM+, to allow the user to prepare the geometry for import to STAR-CCM+.


Background execution

When running an optimization with TURBOdesign 3DLab, TURBOdesign Optima and either TURBOdesign Link-CCM+ or ANSYS Workbench; TURBOdesign 3DLab will now run in the background with no interface being displayed.

In our 40 mins webinar - 'Introducing TURBOdesign Suite v6.4 for Turbomachinery Design and Optimization', we will show how the above new feature and enhancements in TURBOdesign Suite 6.4 enable turbomachinery engineers to link seamlessly to common CAE environments and to produce breakthrough high-performance designs faster than ever before. We will also cover:

• M4 Generic Method for Meridional Geometry Parameterization.
• TURBOdesign Link with Star CCM+.


Playback our webinar to: 

  • Learn what's new in TURBOdesign Suite 6.4.
  • Discover how you can setup efficient multi-objective and multi-point optimizations using TURBOdesign Suite, delivering breakthrough designs.
  • See how TURBOdesign Suite can seamlessly integrate with different CAE environments.


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